Scooping Poo in the Metro Twin Cities

Why Scoop?

Whether you want to save time, have trouble picking up after your dog, or simply avoid the stench and experience of poop, we have your back. You're also helping prevent environmental contamination by picking up and properly disposing of your dog’s feces! Many people don’t think it’s important to pick up after their dog but here are some convincing reasons why it needs to be done:Dog waste is the highest contributor to storm water runoff pollution and the most preventable! Up to 95% of the fecal Coliform found in storm water runoff comes from animal waste.

Why Poo Force?

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Happy Dogs

Poo Force is upfront, consistent, and friendly! - Halo

I work a lot, I have kids, I'm not lazy, Poo Force is just that easy! - Lexa

Poo Force is upfront, consistent, and friendly! - Betsy

I had a hip surgery done, so I needed assistance with the yard, I decided to keep them around even now that I'm fine! - Steve